Dear patients,
this page has been built to make more clear your return home after Day Surgery.
In this space you will find explained time and ways to deal with welfare activities to do at home, without difficulty.
An area of the page is dedicated to videos, which you can view in the language you're most familiar with, choosing between Italian, English, French and Spanish:

• treating the wound
• walking with crutches
• doing injection of heparin subcutaneously

All texts of the movies are downloadable in PDF, clicking the respective icon.

Another space collects the experts' answers to frequently asked questions that patients pose after surgery. Clicking on the application, you will find the answer.

By clicking on the comments button a space will open for you, here you can voice your concerns, doubts, opinions, questions, comments on what you are experiencing.

Remember, your participation is very important and help us to assist you better every day. The staff of the Day Surgery wishes you a pleasant stay at home.